Nikki Aron is a yogi who has dedicated herself to the development of her daily practice for nearly a decade. She first discovered yoga as a pathway to healing during a particularly difficult period in her life, battling lupus and the frustration of maintaining patience while doctors worked toward an effective treatment. Nikki credits yoga as a catalyst for healing and has personally used her practice to overcome both physical and emotional challenges related to lupus, depression, anxiety and fibromyalgia. Yoga gave her a rhythm and a schedule in the midst of chaos. An outlet through which she was able to focus on herself, and ultimately shift her mindset to one of motivation and encouragement.

Passionate about sharing the power of yoga with others, she founded Rich Soul Yoga. Everyone is going through something. “At first it’s almost like a poison, but then sweetness comes.”

Even for beginners who may find yoga to be far outside their comfort zone, Nikki looks forward everyday to using her own experience to teach and help others break through feelings of “I hate it,” or “I can’t do it,” and find their groove. For once you find your flow, you will have a practice to call your own that you love, and that loves you back.

Nikki specializes in a New Age Modern Hatha/Vinyasa and brings both personal anecdotes and perspective along with classical training to each class. She is also Yoga Alliance certified.

Why does she do it? She does it purely for the joy of people when they leave. Seeing happiness and knowing that she created a spark that was always there to begin with.


Rich Soul Yoga is certified by Yoga Alliance


Nikki spits her time between Canada and Costa Rica.


Photo credit: Manfred J Rodriguez

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